Journal of Art

The Bowdoin Art Society publishes the only academic journal in the United States and internationally that focuses on undergraduate art historical work, the Bowdoin Journal of Art.

We accept submissions of work in the field of art history from students attending undergraduate colleges and universities across the country. We also accept submissions from students who are recently graduated or in Masters programs. We consider submissions that reflect intensive research as well as genuine insight into a given topic.

These submissions are then edited and reviewed by a network of peers - a consortium of undergraduate reviewers who have indicated that their specialty or interest directly relates to the topic of the submission.

Once the submissions have been peer reviewed and sent back to the author, they are selected to be published in the Bowdoin Journal of Art database where they will be a resource for research and discourse.

Below is a section of the guidelines used to evaluate papers :

  • is the author summarizing/conveying information that others have said, or/and making an original argument?
  • is the subject of the paper on a previously unexplored topic?
  • is the paper well-structured and well-written?
  • has the author relied on only a few sources, or many? Are these primary sources (probably a good sign), textbooks or internet sites (potentially a bad sign), or peer-reviewed articles (probably a good sign)?
  • is this a paper we would be proud to publish?

Please email submissions to journalofart(at) The deadline for submissions to this year's issue of the Bowdoin Journal of Art is December 31st, 2016.




If you consider yourself to be an expert in particular field of art, please apply to be a peer reviewer. To apply, please send an essay that you have written in a particular field of art to journalofart(at)