Students Launch Undergraduate Journal of Art

Bowdoin News- December 8, 2015

Although the deadline for submissions is still two weeks out, the second annual issue of the Bowdoin Journal of Art has already received more than 100 papers, three times as many as it did last year.

Art Society Presents Activism Themed Exhibition

The Bowdoin Orient - October 30, 2015 

This Family Weekend, the Bowdoin Art Society (BAS) and Ladd House are co-hosting their 3rd annual art exhibit “340 Miles North.” While the two previous years had themes loosely based on a centered image, this year’s theme is activism.


Art Society to Publish Collegiate Art History Journal

The Bowdoin Orient - October 2, 2015

For the first time, Bowdoin Art Society will accept submissions from universities in the United Kingdom (UK) for its online database and journal, the “Bowdoin Journal of Art,” which will make the publication the only international collegiate journal for undergraduate students studying art history. 


A Rare Glimpse into Bowdoin’s Mysterious, Lovely Bliss Room

 Bowdoin News - December 9, 2014

The Bowdoin Art Society recently arranged a tour of the Bliss Room on the second floor of Hubbard Hall. The room is mostly locked, so all of the students who gathered outside the doors for a tour from Marieke Van Der Steenhoven, the library’s special collections and archives assistant, had never seen the room beyond what they could glimpse through the door’s small, oval windows. 

Annual Student Art Show Spreads Through Smith Union


For several days before and after the annual Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon Art Show reception last week, student art was practically everywhere you looked in Smith Union. Sculptures stood guard in front of the bookstore, big oil paintings adorned hallways, drawings were tucked into nooks, and paintings, jewelry, photographs, prints and watercolors were set up throughout the rest of the union.

All Smiles at ’340 Miles North’ Student Art Show

Bowdoin News - November 3, 2014

Ladd House hosted the second annual student art show, “340 Miles North,” for students, parents, staff and faculty. The exhibition, which coincided with Family Weekend, opened with a reception Thursday night and ran through Sunday.


Bowdoin Art Society’s ‘340 Miles North’ transforms Ladd into gallery

 The Bowdoin Orient - October 31, 2014

Yesterday, Ladd House underwent a transformation into an art gallery. The normally bare walls are now lined with photographs and paintings, and the typically empty common rooms hold interactive exhibits and sculptures all part of the show “340 Miles North,” sponsored by the Bowdoin Art Society (BAS).

Ladd House Student Exhibition Blurs the Lines of Art

Bowdoin Daily Sun 

Filling Ladd House on Thursday evening was a multifarious collection of artwork by 47 students — as well as 450 or so students, staff, faculty and parents (who were on campus for Family Weekend), a student pianist playing mournful tunes in a darkened room, lots of balloons to throw darts at and countless used red plastic cups.

Art Society to curate student work, discuss modern art world

The Bowdoin Orient - October 4, 2013

This fall, Bowdoin Art Society, a new art interest group, entered the College’s art scene. For the past few years, Bowdoin has had two different art groups: Art Club, dedicated to the making of art, and the Student Museum Collaborative (SMC), devoted to bridging the gap between Bowdoin College Museum of Art and students. Art Society’s agenda, however, involves fostering conversations about visual arts and creating art shows composed of student work.


Student Photographs Show the World Anew

The Bowdoin Daily Sun - November 26, 2013

This semester, the nine students in Associate Professor of Art Michael Kolster‘s photography seminar pursued independent projects based on the concept of exploring with their cameras. The final projects, which the students recently presented to the public, displayed a range of ideas and objects. Yet they all shared a common theme — photography’s power to allow us to see the world anew.